Preston Taylor will be joining the CTNA team as a Trailing Evaluator; he is phenomenal in the woods, and spends a large portion of his time on trail–he has a lot to offer all of us!

From Preston: “In my practice as a tracker, hunter, and biologist, there is a moment in time and space that I am addicted to: heart pounding, the final few slow, deliberate, quiet steps taken on a trail as I close into an intimate distance with a wild critter. However, it is challenging to know when I am right behind an animal and when to slow down to look for the quarry. In this video I tried to show and explain some observations I pay attention to to help age the track when trailing. Most importantly, I use multiple senses: eyes, ears, and nose. I think there is nothing that can replace a tracker’s intimate knowledge of the landscape to predict where an animal will be when following it. I hope this helps.”

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