Hosting a Certification

Each evaluator has a unique style, but the certification process is the same. If you have a prior relationship with an evaluator or would like to request someone in particular, please contact them directly. Otherwise, send us a general query, and we’ll be in touch soon. We’ll always prioritize the closest evaluator to reduce travel costs.

Track & Sign:

Cybertracker evaluators charge $1700 (plus travel expenses) for delivering a Track & Sign certification. Certifications are limited to 10 participants. Hosts are responsible for recruiting, logistics, and communication with participants and any required land use permits. Some hosts provide lodging for the event, others do not. The participant fee (if any) is completely up to the host. Specialist certifications require 2 evaluators (one standard and one external) and cost a flat fee of $3700 (all travel is included).


Trailing certification fee is $900 plus travel cost (if any).  Travel cost are to be negotiated with the evaluator based travel requirements.  This does not include host organization’s fees (if any). Maximum of 4 participants per 2 day evaluation block.  Specialist Trailing cost are to be arranged with the evaluator and external evaluator.

One-Day Track & Sign:

We also offer a One-Day Track & Sign certification as an introduction to the process and general training tool.  Participants are able to earn a Level I Track & Sign Certificate. These events cost $1000 and are limited to 14 participants.

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