Unlike traditional grading, Track and Sign Evaluations use a weighted scoring system that reflects the difficulty rating of the track or sign (spoor). The candidate is awarded one point for the correct interpretation of easy spoor, or three marks against for a mistake. Two points are awarded for the correct interpretation of difficult spoor, or two marks against for a mistake. Three points are awarded for the correct interpretation of very difficult spoor, or one point against for a mistake. The participant’s final score is a percentage calculated by dividing the total number of correct points by the sum of the correct and incorrect points.

Easy Spoor is spoor of medium-sized to large-sized species that are clearly defined and therefore unmistakable (For instance, a clean moose track in mud). Difficult Spoor includes spoor of smaller species, and spoor that are indistinct due to challenging substrate. Very Difficult Spoor includes the tracks of small or rare species, fractions of larger footprints, and very indistinct spoor that requires considerable experience to identify.

In the Trailing evaluation, the tracker is awarded points from 0 to 10: Not Yet Competent (0 – 6 points); Fair (7 points); Good (8 points); Very Good (9 points); and Excellent (10 points,) in a number of applicable categories including the ability to see subtle tracks, predict animal movement, and move stealthily. The particpant’s total number of points scored are expressed as a percentage of 100. Depending on circumstances, some indicators may not be included in the test (and therefore not included in the score).


The following levels can be achieved via the outcome of assessment. Track & Sign levels I, II, III, IV and Track & Sign Specialist; and Trailing levels I, II, III, IV and Trailing Specialist. Tracker levels I, II, III, IV and Senior Tracker.
Tracker certificates are awarded to participants who undergo both types of evaluation, and corresponds to the lowest level scored on either evaluation.

Scores and corresponding levels:
Level 1 69-79%
Level 2 80-89%
Level 3 90-99%
Level 4 100%, (achieved without an external evaluator present;)
Specialist, 100% (achieved with two evaluators, one of whom is an external evaluator)
Senior Tracker 100% on both Track and Sign and Trailing

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