Congratulations Kersey Lawrence! New Trailing Evaluator.


Congratulations to Kersey on her first official evaluations this past month.  Kersey has spent years getting to this point in her tracking career and will be huge asset to the community.  Her quite literal global experience and commitment to the evaluation process are evident every time we set foot in the woods with her.  Kersey has been reaching out and taking trailing to new folks like the people who hosted us in Minnesota.  Congratulations Blake, Jon, Kirsten and Don on your certificates. Way to go Kersey!  It has been a pleasure working with you.

Kersey’s first official job evaluating.  Thanks to the intrepid Minnesota folks!  Lots of fun!


Kersey and John Rhyder look for the bedded fallow John was following.  This was in March of this year at the Europe trailing specialist eval.

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