New Evaluator on the Horizon


Last summer Michelle Peziol cemented her second Track and Sign Specialist certificate in Jackson, Wyoming. Connor O’Malley also received Specialist, his impressive third.

This week Michelle took a short breather from her work as a head biologist on Panthera’s Puma Program in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and began her training to become an evaluator for Cyber Tracker here in North America.  Michelle has worked insanely hard over the last five years, first by digging deep into track and sign on her own and through teaching, and then moving to Jackson two+ years ago where she’s put in countless hours trudging through the backcounty in the company of lions, wolves, bear, elk, moose, deer foxes, beavers, etc, who’ve all helped to round her out into a powerhouse tracker. Congrats Michelle, we’re thrilled to have you on the road to joining our team!

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