We’re very honored to add Daniel P. Hansche to our Evaluator team! Dan has been there from CyberTracker’s beginning in North America. He’s gone to extraordinary lengths to achieve this goal, and to help the effort to spread wildlife tracking skill in general. Talk about dedication!Dan has taken at least 11 evaluations in his time working towards his 2 Specialist Certificates, and in 5 countries! He assisted on 15 evaluations over the years, and after he began his evaluator training he shadowed on 9 more evaluations in 5 different states. That’s a grand total of at least 35 evaluations, and through it all he’s demonstrated and incredible level of commitment, good-spiritedness, kindness, and a tremendous amount of field skill. He even flew out twice from Germany–undergoing fierce covid rigmarole–to complete his training.He’ll be focusing on new groups across the east, and as a resident of Berlin, we hope that he’ll eventually help the European team to spread the process there. Thanks for everything you’ve done, Dan. We’re so excited to have you aboard, and for what you’ll bring to the world of tracking.

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