Anyone who has ever participated in a trailing evaluation can understand what I’m about to say. Trailing is hard. Becoming an evaluator doesn’t make it any easier! And the road to get there is long. Dave recently conducted his first official evaluation in trailing to become our newest trailing evaluator. I would be remiss not to mention this was done during  Covid when an extra layer of strain has been added to so many peoples lives.  Attention and mindfulness was given to distancing and masks when needed.  Dave phrased it in his brief as “our dangerous animal to consider”.  Dave recently reminded me that he and I shared our first trailing evaluation together, longer back than I care to admit, and it was pretty special for me to be there to hand of the next “hat”. Dave is such an asset for the tracking community and will continue to inspire many. I just keep my fingers crossed his infectious laugh doesn’t scare off any animals! Just kidding. Great to have you in this role Dave.  Congratulations!

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