Welcome to our newest Track and Sign Evaluator!


Marcus Reynerson officially stepped into the role of CyberTracker Evaluator in N. America. What a great pleasure it is to have him aboard! He’s given tremendous effort over the years: aside from his Standard Track and Sign Evaluations, Marcus underwent five grueling Specialist Evaluations in a variety of eco-regions; he missed Specialist on three of them by only one bonus question–an agonizing experience. But his good-naturedness, his determination to improve, and his immense dedication to helping others along the way has remained rock-solid. The spirit in which he has invested into the skill and the CyberTracker process has been definitively inspiring to us all.

He trained for the job in every corner of the US, with 6 different Evaluators on 12 Evaluations (including three Specialists.)

Marcus is bringing a lot of fresh energy and excitement to CTNA. He’s already carving important in-roads into new communities around the US and beyond, and helping create and guide a new outreach plan for our organization’s future, and for the future of wildlife tracking on the whole.

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