Two New Track and Sign Specialists in Northern California


Congratulations to Kim Cabrera and John Brossard for their excellent performance on the recent Track and Sign Specialist Evaluation in Humboldt County California. Both handily earned Specialist Certificates and demonstrated their deep knowledge of the wildlife of the region and both common and obscure tracks and signs!

Kim Cabrera, of Humboldt County California, is the host of, where viewers can access her extensive collection of photographs of wildlife tracks and sign.

John Brossard, of Marin County California, teaches wildlife tracking through Deep Nature Guides and the Regenerative Design Institute.


Evaluators Casey McFarland and David Moskowitz with two new North American Track and Sign Specialists! Congrats John Brossard and Kim Cabrera!



One of the many difficult sign questions from the evaluation: walnut shells that had been fed on by a squirrel, most likely a California ground squirrel. Find many more photos of wildlife tracks and sign on Kim Cabrera’s website


Humboldt County is home to world famous stands of ancient redwood trees which made for a stunning location for the evaluation. Interested in bringing an evaluation to your community? Click here to learn how!


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